Taking Care of Your White Contact Lenses and How to Do It

Disinfect Lenses

Especially for costumes or special events, white contact lenses may make you seem unique. To remain clean and safe, they do, however, need appropriate maintenance. This is a basic instruction on how to look after your white eye contacts.

Handle with Care

Every time you handle your contact lenses, wash your hands with soap and water. Using a fresh, lint-free towel, dry them. This keeps bacteria and debris off your lenses and out of your eyes.

Daily Lens Cleaning

Every day cleaning your white contact lenses is essential. Use the contact lens solution your optometrist has advised. The use of saliva or water should be avoided since they may carry dangerous microorganisms. The following are the procedures:

  • Lay the lens in your hand.
  • A few drops of the solution should be applied.
  • Fingertip-rub the lens gently.
  • Refresh with additional solution.

Safe Storage

Store your lenses in a spotless lens case with a new solution inside. Daily replacement of the solution is advised; never use the old solution again. Frequent cleaning of your lens case is crucial. After giving it a rinse with contact lens solution—not water—let it air dry.

See Wearing Instructions

Wear your white contact lenses exactly as your eye doctor has instructed. Wear them no more than advised. Either infections or eye pain might result from overwearing. Take off the lenses and see your doctor if your eyes seem inflamed.

Steer Clear of Lenses at Night

If your eye doctor gives the all-clear, never sleep with your white contact lenses in. Wearing glasses to bed may reduce oxygen flow to your eyes, which raises the chance of infection.

multipurpose contact lens

Extend Carefully

Gently handle your lenses. Don’t pick them up with your fingernails. Do not wear a lens if it rips. In case of an emergency, never be without a backup set of lenses.

As Needed, Replace

There is a life period for contact lenses. Whether it’s every day, every week, or every month, change your lenses as directed. Deposits from worn lenses may irritate the eyes.

Annual Eye Examinations

Plan regular examinations with your eye doctor. They can examine the health of your eyes and make sure your lenses fit correctly. Talk to your doctor about any pain or changes in vision at all.

The longevity of your white eye contacts and eye health depends on proper care of them. Take care of your lenses with these devices. Always do what your eye doctor advises and keep up proper personal cleanliness. You may enjoy securely and pleasantly using your white contact lenses with the right maintenance.